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The Need To Incorporate Health Information Technology Into Physicians’ Education And Professional Development

By Pierce Graham-Jones, Sachin H. Jain, Charles P. Friedman, Leah Marcotte and David Blumenthal.

Nationwide, as physicians and health care systems adopt electronic health records, health information technology is becoming integral to the practice of medicine. But current medical education and professional development curricula do not systematically prepare physicians to use electronic health records and the data these systems collect. We detail how training in meaningful use of electronic health records could be incorporated into physician training, from medical school, through licensure and board certification, to continuing medical education and the maintenance of licensure and board certification. We identify six near-term opportunities for professional organizations to accelerate the integration of health information technology into their requirements.
Graham-Jones, Pierce, et al. “The need to incorporate health information technology into physicians’ education and professional development.” Health Affairs 31.3 (2012): 481-487.