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Organisational LHS

We have encountered many examples of Learning Health Systems that operate at the provider level. Geisinger in the US, use routine data in a number of innovative ways to improve outcomes and cost effectiveness:


1. Process automation: Certain aspects of the routine management and preventative interventions for well patients have been automated. This has increased the likelihood of it occurring and has freed clinicians to focus more time on managing the minority of patients with multiple active chronic conditions.


2. Clinical decision support: Intelligent automation has been integrated into the EHR system so that it can use the patient’s problem list to pre-prepare tasks and orders that are likely to be required within the consultation. These are mapped to best practice standards, “making doing the right thing, the easy thing to do.”


3. Predictive modelling: A team of clinicians and industrial systems engineers develop predictive models that use routinely collected data to identify situations where intervention could avoid costly situations that adversely impact patient care.


Outcome measurement within organisations can also provide important management information.


Numerous other examples of organisation Learning Healthcare Systems can be found in the examples below. If you are aware of other innovative examples, then please post them in the comments section below.